Dental Cleanings and

Oral Surgeries

Dental Cleanings


Like humans, pets also need regular dental care, and dental cleanings are critical to their health.  Teeth that are not cleaned are at risk of being lost, causing your pet a significant amount of pain and discomfort in the process.  

Professional dental cleanings can only be carried out on pets while they are under general anesthesia.  A cleaning involves a thorough scaling of all teeth ensuring that plaque and tarter are removed, polishing the teeth, and a close inspection of the teeth, gums, and mouth. 

Contact us to discuss dental cleanings, and take the first step in keeping your pet's smile healthy!

Oral Surgeries

Oral surgery can improve the quality of life of your pet and in some cases, can be lifesaving.  Pets may require oral surgery to repair oral defects, remove rotten or broken teeth, repair jaw fractures, and or remove oral tumors.  Our veterinarians are highly experienced in performing oral surgeries.