Medical Examinations

Unfortunately, most pets fall ill or become injured at some point in their lives.  Their behaviour and demeanor may change, they may become lethargic, they may lose or or gain weight, cats may stop using their litterbox, and they may display any number of other symptoms.  In these situations, it is critical to call us so we can get them in for a medical examination.  Our veterinarians have a full range of tools and equipment at their disposal to diagnose conditions and formulate treatment plans.    

During medical examinations or sick or injured pets, the most import source of information are the pets themselves.  The second most useful source of information is you - the owner.  When you book a medical examination, please come prepared to answer questions about your pet.  Bring any notes you may have about the issue, photographs, and video.  Putting these pieces together will assist the veterinarian in obtaining a full picture of the problem.   

Our veterinarians always carry out a full and thorough physical examination, even if the problem may be obvious or may appear to be limited to one area of the body.  This full examination includes, but is not limited to checking their eyes, ears, skin, gums, heart rate and rhythm, breathing, temperature, and feeling the kidneys, liver, intestines, bladder, and abdomen.  Depending on the situation, additional diagnostics or testing may be recommended.  Given our extensive inventory of modern tools and equipment, most tests and diagnostics can be carried out in-hospital, and the results will be available in short order.

No one likes being sick or injured - this includes pets!  Call us on the sign that something may be wrong and we'll work on getting your pet back to normal as quickly and painlessly as possible!

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