Molly Simson

Molly has always wanted to be part of the veterinary world and as a hands-on individual, being a technician is a perfect fit!  She enrolled in Algonquin College's Veterinary Technician Program in September 2018, and has never looked book!  In addition to getting knowledge, skill and great grades out of Algonquin College's Veterinary Technician program, Molly also got her long haired cat Hiccup, who she adopted in her final semester.  Molly enjoys working with Nepean and Chapman Mills Animal Hospitals because of their connection to her favourite animal rescues - Ottawa Stray Cat Rescue and Freedom Dog Rescue.  She feels most at home in our in-house laboratories, where she enjoys running bloodwork and performing cytology.  Molly is not only a star technician, but also a star basketball player!  She played on school teams throughout her school years, as well as playing six years for the Ontario Basketball Association.  When Molly's not in a veterinary hospital, it's a pretty safe bet that you'll find her on the basketball court either, playing, coaching, or running ball-handling drills!      

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