Pocket Pet Wellness and

Medical Examinations

They may be smaller in size than most canines and felines, but this doesn't mean they don't need veterinary care!  Our veterinarians are experienced in treating rabbits, ferrets, guinea pigs, hamsters, rats, and mice - "pocket pets" as we call them.  We recommend that pocket pets undergo an annual wellness exam in order to ensure that they're healthy and to catch any medical problems early.  In addition to preventative wellness examinations, our veterinarians are available for consultation in the event that your pocket pet is injured or ill.  If your pocket pocket pet is not eating, is lethargic, has discharge from the eyes of nose, develops a lump on its body, or is acting abnormally, please contact us immediately for assistance.   

Our team is experienced in performing spay and neuter surgeries on rabbits.  Spaying and/or neutering is recommended when rabbits have contact with other rabbits of the opposite sex - female rabbits can give birth to up to fourteen bunnies per month!  Even in households with a single rabbit, spaying or neutering if beneficial in that it can prevent several types of cancer, and reduce or eliminate undesirable behaviours such as aggression, spraying, mounting, and biting.   

Speak to our knowledgeable team about what we can do to keep your pocket pet healthy!