Pocket Pet Services

Even the smallest companion pet needs good veterinary care to live a happy life. Our veterinarians can provide expert advice on the food your pet needs and how to create an environment they can thrive in. Pocket pets need veterinary attention for teeth trimmings and to protect them from parasites like lice, fleas or mites.

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What animals are considered pocket pets?

We regularly treat the following pocket pets: 

  1. Gerbils
  2. Hamsters 
  3. Rats
  4. Guinea pigs
  5. Ferrets

What are signs that my pocket pet is unwell?

You should contact one of our hospitals if you suspect that your pet has an undiagnosed illness. Here are some signs that your pocket pet is sick:

  • Discharge from the eyes and nose
  • No appetite
  • Lumps on the body
  • Acting abnormal
  • Bald patches on their fur

Please call us immediately at 613-829-0220 or 613-843-1334 for assistance.

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