Arthritis Services for Pets

Arthritis is not only seen in humans, in fact, pets can also develop the disease. Your pet may develop this condition due to their age, breed, weight or injury. When your pet has arthritis they suffer from chronic joint pain which interrupts their daily life. This is why we have the best experts on our team to treat your pet’s condition. We are equipped with digital X-rays to examine your pet and will do our best to give them a treatment that makes a difference.

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How does arthritis develop in my pet?

Most pets are diagnosed with osteoarthritis, which is commonly referred to as the “wear and tear” disease. This form of arthritis develops in pets when the cartilage separating the bones begins to wear down. When this happens the bones rub against each other and your pet in turn feels pain in their joints and bones. 

How does arthritis affect my pet?

Your pet will try to hide any signs of pain, but as the disease advances, you’ll notice changes in their behaviour. If you suspect your pet is suffering from the disease you should have a veterinarian diagnose the symptoms. Here are signs you may notice:

  • Swollen or stiff joints
  • Irritability
  • Aggression towards humans and pets
  • Difficulty moving around 
  • Yelping in response to pain

Each day the disease goes undiagnosed or untreated in your pet will result in them having a lower quality of life. To have your pet checked for arthritis, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 613-829-0220 or 613-843-1334

Can arthritis be cured?

No. There is no cure for arthritis in pets, but there are treatments that can make it easier for them to live with this diagnosis. Arthritic pets may be prescribed inflammatory medications, nutritional supplements, and weight management or we may recommend rehabilitation. Our team will assess your pet’s condition and recommend any of those approaches to treat them.

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