Soft Tissue Surgeries

Our veterinarians routinely perform a variety of different surgeries which are considered "soft tissue" surgeries.  The most common soft tissue surgery we do is growth, lump, and tumour removals from the eyelid, toe, tail or just about anywhere on the skin surface, under the skin, or inside other types of tissues.  Some of these growths, lumps, and tumours are cancerous and others, such as simple skin tags, and benign.    

We also do a variety of other soft tissue surgeries.  For instance, our veterinarians often do intestinal type surgeries to remove obstructions caused when pets consume a foreign object which becomes logged in the stomach or intestine.  They perform cystotomies, which involves removing bladder stones that cause pets pain and create urinary issues.  They are able carry out anal gland removals, cherry eye surgeries, sterontic nares resction, and entropion surgeries.   

For all soft tissue surgeries, our patients are placed under general anesthesia and we take every precaution we can to ensure the safety and well-being of the pet.  All patients are placed on intravenous fluids for their procedures to minimize anesthesia risk, improve blood pressure, and help flush out the medications and anesthesia for a speedy recovery.Our veterinary technicians are attentive to their needs from the moment they arrive, until they've recovered and are leaving the hospital.    

Rest assured that if your pet undergoes a soft tissue surgical procedure with us, they will receive the highest level of care and their well-being will be our top priority!

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