New Pets

No One Gets More Excited About New Pets Than We Do!

We offer the best new pet program in the city!  Bring your new feline or canine companion in for a wellness examination with one of our veterinarians and receive a puppy or kitten kit loaded with helpful information, treats, toys, and other swag!  We'll also give you a free bag or Hill's Healthy Advantage puppy or kitten food, valued at $25.00!  You'll also receive a personalized keepsake poster to mark the special occasion (see some of our favourites below).  This is all in addition to a thorough head to tail medical examination and consultation with one of our top-notch veterinarians, report card (see example below) and of course unlimited pets, treats, and loving from the team!  

New Pet Program.jpg

Check out our report cards!  These are completed for new pets on their first visit and during subsequent wellness examinations, which should be done once per year to ensure good health.   

Canine Report Card.jpg
Feline Report Card.jpg

We are honoured to be your pet's first vet experience.  Here's one way we mark the special occasion! 

Mittens Fluffball.jpg