We are firm believers that all pets deserve quality healthcare and a loving home which is why we offer adoption through our pet rescue program. We work with a network of volunteers who get information about abandoned or stray animals that are brought to our facility. When we receive a rescued pet we perform various health checks and tests to detect any problems. We usually administer vaccines, deworming, grooming and other preventative treatments to ensure they are healthy. We keep rescued animals for a few days to monitor their reactions to the treatments they’ve received and learn their behaviours so we can match them with a great pet parent. Our goal is to ensure that each pet is ready to receive tender love and care. 

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How do I adopt a pet from your team?

If you are looking to adopt a rescued pet please call us at 613-829-0220 or 613-843-1334.

What are the benefits of adopting a pet?

It is one of the most rewarding acts of kindness for an animal lover. Pet adoption helps save thousands of abandoned pets each year. Unfortunately, animal shelters cannot take care of all animals in the long term, and so many of them are euthanized. By adopting a rescued pet, you are saving not only their life but directly helping with the global issue of pet abandonment and overpopulation.

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