Euthanasia Services for Pets

You share a deep bond with your pet which is why it’s so difficult to consider euthanasia. Euthanasia is the humane decision to end a pet’s life. It is typically considered when they suffer from chronic pain due to illness, age or critical injuries that are no longer responsive to treatment. Losing your pet will be one of the most saddening experience you’ll go through as a pet owner and we want to extend our deepest sympathies as your family mourns. Our compassionate team will support you through this difficult time and ensure your pet is comfortable during the process.

How do we know when a pet needs to be euthanized?

The decision to recommend euthanasia is never taken lightly by our veterinarians. Our healthcare team is trained to identify the signs of a poor quality of life in pets. Even as pet parents, you will spot changes in your pet that reveal just how much they are suffering. As mentioned earlier we recommend euthanasia when your pet has a prolonged illness that does not respond to any medication or other forms of treatment. Your pet’s mood, appetite, and exercise patterns will change as they experience discomfort. When we recommend the procedure, we explain what happens and give you time to process before making an appointment.

What happens during pet euthanasia?

Euthanasia is a quick procedure that doesn’t hurt your pet in any way. Because the procedure is over within minutes we usually give pet parents a few minutes to say their final goodbyes. A specific type of medication is injected into their veins that stops their heart and brain within seconds. 

What happens after my pet is euthanized?

Our hospitals partner with Gateway Memorial Services to handle your pet’s body after euthanasia. The aftercare options available to our clients include viewing and visitation, cremation and memorial products. This gives you the option to celebrate and cherish your pet’s life and have reminders of them. Please contact us at 613-829-0220 or 613-843-1334 to learn what options you have after your pet is euthanized.