Surgical Services for Pets

Nepean Animal Hospital and Chapman Mills Animal Hospital are equipped to perform many surgical procedures. Thinking about your pet having surgery can be very stressful, but you can have peace of mind with our capable teams. As pet owners, we understand your pet’s safety and comfort are paramount during every procedure. Our veterinarians are constantly learning techniques and ways to improve the surgical experience for our patients.

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What surgeries are performed at your hospital?

We perform a wide variety of surgeries ranging from routine to advanced procedures. At our hospitals, we perform:

  • Spays and neuters
  • Dental extractions
  • Orthopedic surgeries
  • Tumour removals
  • Cystotomies
  • Foreign object removal

Give us a call at 613-829-0220 or 613-843-1334 to learn what other procedures we perform at our hospital.

How safe is surgery for my pet?

To make surgery safe for our patients we perform pre-anesthetic blood testing. This shows us if there are any health issues that can cause your pet to have a reaction to general anesthesia used during surgery. Our hospitals all follow strict surgical guidelines such as ensuring that tools are properly cleaned and sterilized before each procedure. When your pet is under anesthesia we have modern equipment to administer IV fluids and monitor their heart rate, blood pressure and oxygen level. Once the surgery is complete, our team will continue to monitor your pet until they are alert and can raise their head or walk without assistance. We stay involved in your pet’s recovery by providing pain medications and scheduling follow-up exams to determine if your pet needs additional services.

How long will my pet take to recover?

Recovery from surgery can take anywhere from weeks to months depending on the surgery your pet had. Pets who have complex orthopedic surgeries may take up to 6 months to fully recover, while routine procedures like spays and neuters can heal after two weeks. We provide medication for pain management or recommend rehabilitation therapy to speed up the process.

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