Technician Student

Alex has always been drawn to helping animals, and as they were growing up, they began to recognize just how much help some animals needed. After seeing a critical case firsthand, Alex decided that if there was a career that they could pursue that could help sick and injured animals, that this was meant for them. Alex is currently enrolled in the Veterinary Technician program at Algonquin College. Alex joined the Nepean/Chapman family in March 2020 as a volunteer student and after waiting patiently for an opening, officially joined the team as a Technician Student! Alex has a keen interest in radiology, and in aquatic and reptilian medicine as well! Alex loves that veterinary medicine is continually evolving and that the Nepean/Chapman Team is always supportive and versatile, and will always face anything thrown their way as a team. Alex has a deep passion for extreme sports including snowboarding, rock climbing and Brazilian kickboxing (Muay Thai).